Finger Coils

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Meet Ashlynn

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Going natural means different things for different women. For me, it meant learning to fully love and embraced myself. I was natural for 4 years before I decided to BC. The first 4 years of my natural hair journey, I wore my hair pressed out. After playing around with a few “natural” styles, I decided to cut it all off and start over. January 2014 made 2 years of my “new natural hair” journey and I have loved every minute of it. My hair is now longer and thicker than it has ever been and I’m excited to continue to watch it flourish.

Don’t Touch

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I have the absolute worst habit of touching my hair. I don’t know why I cant keep my hands off it knowing what it does to my hair!!!! I get obsessed with pulling at kinky knots or because I’m sitting doing nothing bored. Sometimes I am doing something and still end up touching my hair. I know I know I should know better but let me give you a few reasons why touching your hair too much is a bad thing so you won’t make the same mistake I do!

  • Pulling at your hair can cause breakage
  • Too much touching can cause Frizz
  • Dries your hair out.
  • Dirt and oil from your fingers get into your hair and your scalp secretes more oil than it already does.

Ever heard of the Hand-in-Hair syndrome, welp that’s what you have if you touch your hair a lot like me. So DON’T TOUCH!!!!!!!!

Welcome Newly Natural Jasmine

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Why did I become natural? I have gotten relaxers since before I can remember. When a lot of my friends began to go natural, I was still holding on to my relaxers!!! I am not into following trends and I did not want to turn into some product junkie! My hair was extremely thick with relaxers and I was not interested in discovering what it would take to keep up without a relaxer. I had no desire to go natural. I also loved the “bone straight” appeal that my hair had with a relaxer. Of course I did not enjoy those scabs, my edges breaking off, and that stage where “ I need a relaxer but it’s too early to get one” but the other choice was to shave off my hair (So I thought)- and that just would not fit me. I am a performer so on many occasions I would get sew-ins for that extra “UMPH” and “Whip appeal”. One thing that I would hate to do to my hair  is relax the section that is being left out and leave the rest alone. Although that was the “better” option, it just didn’t seem like it would help my hair. When I would get braids, I would never keep them in long because they would put a strain on my edges. I definitely cannot walk around with blotchy edges J So, I was told that you don’t have to cut your hair off and you can let it grow out and cut as you go. That seemed common sense, but I do not know where my head was. I guess following “THE BIG CHOP” trend that seemed to be growing. So I decided that I would just keep sew-ins and not relax my hair! My 24th birthday marked my last relaxer! The first two months were normal, okay I can do this, by month 5 I was unsure what to do. By habit, I needed a perm, but really, I didn’t! My hair began to coil when I washed it and I was just so fascinated by this change! Being that I’ve always gotten relaxers, I never knew my curl pattern- It was actually pretty cool! So, I decided to stay with it! The sew-ins remained my  method for not relaxing my hair, which was good because I needed to keep them for the football season.  December 2013 marked a year of not having relaxers and my hair is a totally new mane. My hair is thicker, it growing a lot faster (beyond where my hair stopped with perms), and I am extremely content with my developing curls! So it seems to not have been a bad decision at all.  

Bohemian Milkmaid Braid

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This look can be done with relaxed hair, straight natural hair, weave, short, long, kinky or curly!

Hair Stretching the Banding Method

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