Affordable spots to buy hair products

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Hair products can be very pricey if you don’t know where to look. Some spots have sales, others just sale the product cheaper than the other place. Here are a few places that are pretty decent when it comes to buying products.

Walgreens : I frequent here a lot and pretty much every time I’m in there someone’s brand is on sale

Home: you can find a lot of products around your home to make DIY products especially oils. Those oils that you cook with ( i.e. Olive Oil ) can be used in your hair.

Your local Grocery Store: in order to buy those natural oils for your hair you can get them from your local grocery store.

The World Wide Web: certain sites like which is a really cute site for hair accessories only this site doesn’t sell hair products. Other sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are great for products especially if your looking for your fav product at a cheaper price.

The Flea Market: if you like raw Shea butter this is the best place to find it the majority of the venders sell it and you can compares prices or get it cheaper by bargaining. I do it all the time!

Target: just like Walgreens and other pharmacy stores has a wide variety of natural hair products.

Whole Foods: these stores are great for buying natural hair products especially when you want to make you own.

Hello Holly!

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For as long as I could remember, dealing with my hair and trying to find a doable style was a nightmare. Night. Mare. By the 5th grade I had had a series of bad home relaxers that led to the mass breakoff of my hair. Through middle and high school I kept my hair in braids to help it grow back. This worked, but I decided to even let that go once I got to college. Before returning to school after a break, I paid $200 for human hair micro braids and was given an array of different types of hair, one of which broke out my scalp. At 19, for the first time since I was 10, I had to deal with the actual health and condition of my hair and it was not fun. I hated the way I looked without being able to hide behind the security of synthetic hair. My breakup with relaxers and extensions was serious. I even stopped putting heat on my hair. I tell people that I was forced to go natural, before it was “cool”, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself in regards to my appearance. I can’t imagine being almost 30 as I am, not able to scratch my own scalp because I was going to get a relaxer soon or spending a fortune on extensions not as a transitional or protective style, but to avoid my own hair. My decision to go natural was difficult at first, yes, because I didn’t have the mass access to information that is available now, but again, I am glad that I made it. Talk about freeing!

Dedra’s Updated Wash Day Routine

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Healthy Hair info…. The Truth.

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As a cosmetologist who specializes in trichology (the study of scalp and hair), I am asked to fix all kinds of hair mishaps, create some cool styles and concoct some vibrant hair color. But (there is always a but), of all the request I get; none tops the request of “healthy” hair.


Before I service any client, they have to sit, read and complete a two page questionnaire about the goal they have for their hair. I want to know how have they been caring for it, what have they been caring for it with and what is it they like or dislike about their hair, a hair stylist and their salon experience. I spend at least 15 minutes listening to my potential client before i even touch their hair. I have read thousands of those consultation forms over the years and have listened to thousands of hair stories…

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Meet Shareka

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Well I decided to go natural about seven months ago. I was tired of spending money on perms weaves and wigs. I was one of the types of women that spent 400 bucks or more on a good sew in and virgin hair! I always got compliments don’t get me wrong… But it was too much hassle and way too much money! After a lot of contemplating and YouTube I decided I wanted to make a drastic change. So I went for the big chop. Much to my bf’s dismay lol. And I’ve never looked back since! I looked for my hair type and saw mahogany curls and followed how to care for my curls, and I’ve loved every single curl ever since. I learned to love myself for who I was through embracing my own natural hair. I looked online and learned how to do my own protective style with Marley twists. I love the variations of hair styles I can do with my hair. I still haven’t put heat on it maybe when I do my length check in a year I will. But I love it and surprisingly enough my bf loves it and loves everything about my hair. I def have no regrets especially now that I only spend 30 bucks a month on my hair ;-). Def not looking back

Just Keep Growing

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It just breaks my heart to read on the blog feeds about people being frustrated with their hair to the point where they want to give up. 😩

Don’t do it! I promise you ladies that just like you it was hard for us naturals that have been natural for awhile too.

I started out back in 2005 with no resources. Like I was using men’s products ( yeah I know smh).

I’ve BC’d twice, had straight hair, color, damage everything you can think of, my hair has probably gone through it but I’m saying this to say Don’t give up! Trust me WE ALL go through it!