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Perms by New Names to Trick Naturals

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Young Fabulous & Natural

A perm by any other name is still a perm

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So, companies have gotten whiff, more like a nose full, of the conscious natural hair movement. They are peering out at this growing community and trying to figure out how to market their same ol’ products, like perms and crappy shampoos and such, with new names. Perms are now being called texturizers, shampoos and conditioners have the words all natural  plastered all over the front larger than the actual product name, and other products have eye-catching words like olive oil, shea butter, and mango extract in the descriptions.

I don’t even know why I would want mango extract, to be honest.

But here is a little secret that I will pass along; it is all the same. Those texturizers are perms. Those natural products are the same crap they were pre-natural movement. And that shampoo, it is not special…

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30 Day Hair Challenge update

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If you guys didn’t know we have been doing a 30 day hair challenge with Naturellegrow hair products. This is our midpoint progress with hair. So far my fav that I’ve been using a lot is the deep conditioner. Product reviews and hair tutorials coming soon!

Are you Listening

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are you listening pix

Let’s face it ladies, taking care of unprocessed hair or hair in its natural state is no walk in the park. It takes time patience and a whole lot of care. Being that we all have different textures, each one of our regimens will vary from natural to natural. Often times we tend to get caught up in mimicking what we see other naturals do, but we must tread lightly. Hey I’ve been guilty of mimicking too!!! Does this sound familiar…??? you watch a video or tutorial; follow it to the tee and your results look nothing like what you just watched. Yeah been there!! I’ve found that the best way for me to achieve great looking hair is LISTENING to it. My hair  tells me what she wants and I give it to her. For example, if she’s feeling/looking dry, I’m off to find my spray bottle of water or in the shower to co wash. If I notice a lot of single strand knots, I know its time for a trim or maybe a good deep condition. From listening to my hair I was able to develop a regimen of my own that not only produced great looking results but benefited the overall health of my hair. Its all about LISTENING!!!

As Always Live, Love and Embrace your hair


Mommy Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies from our Natural mom’s! Enjoy and have a blessed day!

Trending: Healthy Hair

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Healthy Hair info…. The Truth.

Hair Care Authority


As a cosmetologist who specializes in trichology (the study of scalp and hair), I am asked to fix all kinds of hair mishaps, create some cool styles and concoct some vibrant hair color. But (there is always a but), of all the request I get; none tops the request of “healthy” hair.


Before I service any client, they have to sit, read and complete a two page questionnaire about the goal they have for their hair. I want to know how have they been caring for it, what have they been caring for it with and what is it they like or dislike about their hair, a hair stylist and their salon experience. I spend at least 15 minutes listening to my potential client before i even touch their hair. I have read thousands of those consultation forms over the years and have listened to thousands of hair stories…

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