Air Dry vs Diffusing

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Surprised right!!!! Me too! I just knew my hair would do great with the diffused look but it caused more frizz, especially at the top. I watched loads of Youtube videos and tried different techniques I read up on or saw. I even did a video on how I diffuse my hair but guess what….. STILL FRIZZ so it didn’t get uploaded. So after missing two wash days ( I was just lazy judge all you want ) I finally washed my hair. I decided to wash and go and applied a leave in conditioner, Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare and Mielle Organics honey & ginger styling gel and went on about my day. As you can see the air dried picture ( to me) looks better than the diffused. My curls came out way more defined and they look moisturized. Also I barley touched my hair and used a hair pick to fluff it. Even though my hair comes out better air dry I’ll probably keep using the diffuser until I figure out a method with less frizz my hair takes all day to dry. 

Natural hair and Color 

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I am known for always coloring my hair. I mostly stay in the red family but I’ll be changing my color up soon. Anywho, let’s talk about natural hair and color. First things first I don’t dye my own hair. That’s just a personal preference for me. I like to leave certain things to a professional and color is one of them. I’ve done all the experimenting I can to know that coloring is one that I can’t do on my own.

No matter how many times I get my color done my hair stylist ALWAYS consults me about my hair ( follow @mizzdarlisa for all your natural hair needs Facebook and Instagram) and reminds me about the up keep and she always say ” I’m ok with doing color in your hair because I know you will take care of it.” LOL

Here are a few things that I do whenever I have color in my hair

Deep Condition: When I color my hair I tend to deep condition and hair mask more than anything. When you color your hair your porosity levels are higher, which makes it easier for the hair to dry out. This helps keep the protein/keratin balance to hold moisture.

Sulfate Free shampoo: Most shampoo’s will strip your hair of moisture which is hard do keep when you have color in your hair. Look for shampoo’s that are color safe and less clarifying

Detangle: I find it best to detangle in the shower with my wide tooth comb. I part in 4 sections and detangle from there. Detangling helps keep breakage down.

Trimming: This is something that I am bad at keeping up with, so please make sure you keep them trimmed. Hair color, if not taken care of properly can cause breakage and you’ll have damaged dry hair and bad split ends.

Moisturize: This is a big one!!! Our natural hair is already naturally dry so adding color  makes it excessive. When you have color Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!!! As with everything else you do to properly care for color treated hair it helps keep down breakage and split ends and gives your hair shine.


Length Retention

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There are so many different techniques of how naturals retain length. Hair grows about a 1/2 inch every month. Of course this statistic varies from person to person. Everyone doesn’t do the same thing when it comes to retaining length for there hair, but consistency is key with anything to get results. I’m going to touch base with a few length retention techniques that I do.

Moisture: for those that are new to being natural water is your main moisture! Drink it, use it on your hair, make sure it’s in your products. You also have to seal in your moisture because water evaporates. I seal in my moisture using a leave in conditioner and an oil. There is no specific product brand that has to be used. Use whatever works for YOUR hair even if it’s not a leave in or an oil if it helps retain moisture use it!

Eat Healthy: I try my best to incorporate healthy eating in my everyday meals, but unhealthy meals are so tempting and good! I have cut back on my cookie intake ( cookie connoisseur here). Eating healthy is not only vital for your body but for your hair as well. Think of it as taking care of a plant, you water and take care of it and it grows. I’m a big vegetable lover my favorite are cucumbers!

Low manipulation/ protective styles: I’ve really been into low maintenance styles these past two weeks. Doing my hair on a daily basis takes up a lot of time that I don’t always have and protective styling has become convenient for me. Specifically doing styles that hide my ends. Low manipulation styles and protective styles are known to promote hair growth and help retain length.

End trimming: The ends of your hair are the oldest and need the most care. Keeping up with your ends and making sure they are healthy is key! Having split ends are not cool and your hair will just become damaged. I am not one of those people who like to cut their own ends this is one of the only times I go to a hair salon. But by all means if you don’t mind snipping your own hair go for it!

Finger Detangling: I use to never do this much because it takes a long time (dry detangling does) but it definitely stretches out my shrinkage and your fingers unlike a comb can feel when how the hair is being pulled and snagged at. Less breakage as well.

Hair stretching: there are different methods of hair stretching. I like to band my hair for air drying. Shrinkage is annoying and I can’t stand it! I accept it but I don’t like it! Since I’ve started banding my hair to dry it my hair does not shrink as much and it make it easier to manage once I take the hair bands out.

These are the length retention methods that I do! I would love to hear what everyone else does even if it’s one of the ones that I do!

Scalp Massage

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If this isn’t the best feeling ever! Especially when someone does it for you! Yasssssssss! So I decided to give my protective style a break and give myself a scalp massage. What is the benefit of a scalp massage?!?! Well, it helps to promote hair growth by stimulating the blood flow to your hair follicles, lessens dandruff, strengthens hair,offset grey hair, and it’s a good stress reliever.


How do you scalp massage? There is no correct method to massaging your scalp. Get an oil of your choice apply it to your scalp and go to work. Make sure you’re not using your nails. Massage with your finger tips. Doing this distributes the oil all over the hair.

Dedra’s Updated Wash Day Routine

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Finger Detangling

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Finger detangling is a technique for length retention. You can do it on damp, dry or wet hair. There is no wrong or right way to finger detangle. As long as you’re handling your hair gently and not pulling or snagging causing stress.


I usually do my finger detangling on wet hair in the shower during wash day after I apply my conditioner. I prefer to detangle on wet hair because it’s quicker and convenient. However I do like to dry detangle when I have the time because it gives me that big hair look I like but it’s so time consuming that I rarely do it.



There is no specific method to finger detangling everyone, unless you saw it on YouTube or a blog, has their own way of doing it. When I dry detangle I use my ORS grapeseed/almond oil to detangle and I detangle in smaller sections. When I wet detangle my hair is drenched with conditioner and I detangle in bigger sections

Finger detangling has it’s pros and cons and some people perceive it differently. Finger detangling is also know to lessen hair breakage that you would get if using a comb. So if you haven’t tried it yet do so and share your results!