Protective Styles

Princess Roll

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I’ve been seeing this look on YouTube and Pinterest where people use a headband. I just used my own hair.

No heat blow out!

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For awhile I’d been trying to find a no heat hair straightening technique. YouTube never let’s you down or google. Anywho I found the perfect video for it from @ImShineStruck.


I didn’t use the exact same products as she did but everything else was the same. But those rollers are awesome!


I was a little skeptical about my results because it’s raining outside and my hair is so thick and will curl back up the minute water hits it! But I loved the results!



I have to reiterate what she said in the video about the fact that this may not work for everyone and it is a long process that you should probably start the night before and if you have time in the morning to roll your hair up. Yeah you’ll pretty much need time for this style but the results are worth it! As always being natural is about trial and error! So give it a try and see how you like it.

Erin’s Favorite Protective Style

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7 Techniques Every Curly Must Know

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7 Techniques Every Curly Must Know.

found this article on Pinterest, some good fun facts


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For those wondering how I’ve been keeping my hair in tact…… I coat my hair with oil then I coat my hands with a little of the oil and throw my hair in a very high ponytail like such! You can either wrap your hair with a satin scarf or use your satin pillow because somehow that scarf will have disappeared the next morning! Lol

Finger Coils

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Don’t Touch

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I have the absolute worst habit of touching my hair. I don’t know why I cant keep my hands off it knowing what it does to my hair!!!! I get obsessed with pulling at kinky knots or because I’m sitting doing nothing bored. Sometimes I am doing something and still end up touching my hair. I know I know I should know better but let me give you a few reasons why touching your hair too much is a bad thing so you won’t make the same mistake I do!

  • Pulling at your hair can cause breakage
  • Too much touching can cause Frizz
  • Dries your hair out.
  • Dirt and oil from your fingers get into your hair and your scalp secretes more oil than it already does.

Ever heard of the Hand-in-Hair syndrome, welp that’s what you have if you touch your hair a lot like me. So DON’T TOUCH!!!!!!!!