Affordable spots to buy hair products

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Hair products can be very pricey if you don’t know where to look. Some spots have sales, others just sale the product cheaper than the other place. Here are a few places that are pretty decent when it comes to buying products.

Walgreens : I frequent here a lot and pretty much every time I’m in there someone’s brand is on sale

Home: you can find a lot of products around your home to make DIY products especially oils. Those oils that you cook with ( i.e. Olive Oil ) can be used in your hair.

Your local Grocery Store: in order to buy those natural oils for your hair you can get them from your local grocery store.

The World Wide Web: certain sites like which is a really cute site for hair accessories only this site doesn’t sell hair products. Other sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are great for products especially if your looking for your fav product at a cheaper price.

The Flea Market: if you like raw Shea butter this is the best place to find it the majority of the venders sell it and you can compares prices or get it cheaper by bargaining. I do it all the time!

Target: just like Walgreens and other pharmacy stores has a wide variety of natural hair products.

Whole Foods: these stores are great for buying natural hair products especially when you want to make you own.

Just Keep Growing

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It just breaks my heart to read on the blog feeds about people being frustrated with their hair to the point where they want to give up. 😩

Don’t do it! I promise you ladies that just like you it was hard for us naturals that have been natural for awhile too.

I started out back in 2005 with no resources. Like I was using men’s products ( yeah I know smh).

I’ve BC’d twice, had straight hair, color, damage everything you can think of, my hair has probably gone through it but I’m saying this to say Don’t give up! Trust me WE ALL go through it!

The Truth About Natural Hair

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As I was at work browsing the blog feed on WordPress I came across a video a young lady made about the negatives of being natural. Anything you do has it’s pros and cons, even being natural. But making a video about discouraging people to not have healthy hair just didn’t sit to well with me.

Now there is nothing wrong with relaxers I have my days where my hair frustrates me and I have to go to the store and stand in front of a few relaxer boxes to remind my hair I can go back anytime to get some act right out if it!!!!! Lol.

Most of the videos, blogs and pictures you see make it seem so easy. But being natural takes work and patience. Believe me I don’t have a smile on my face standing in the mirror doing twist outs or Bantu knots giving my arms a break every now and then because it’s so much hair most times I just want to go to bed!

Transitioning for some is the hardest because you have to figure out your hair type, what your hair likes and how to keep it moisturized, avoid breakage, shedding, split ends, no growth, hair pH and reading the labels on hair products to make sure you aren’t putting anything damaging in your hair. (This also applies to people who’ve been natural for awhile as well). Face it ladies your hair is a science experiment and you’re just going through the scientific method trying to figure out what is what and how to.

Seems like a lot right! Don’t fret that’s why there are blogs and YouTube videos of people who have already gone through most of these stages to help you get through it….. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy and having healthy hair is worth it.


Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream review

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I like to give a product a few tries before I give my opinion on it. Why? Because my hair may not have been in the best of moods that day! Lol so this is my 3rd time using the jane carter curl defining cream. The 1st and 2nd time I used it on finger coils. This 3rd time I tried it out on a wash and go. I don’t know why I was expecting different results but nope! Still the same.


It hasn’t let me down yet. Just like my finger coils my hair was soft and bouncy and didn’t feel weighed down by the product. No dryness or frizz. Shrinkage?!?! Of course! I don’t think there is anyway of escaping that. Just like the last time I didn’t have to add any extra products to keep my hair moisturized. So the product itself is good for moisture on the hair. Overall I would say give this product a try but please keep mind that what works for my hair may not work for yours. It’s all about trial and error!


DIY Rosewater

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Giveaway Success!

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We did our 1st giveaway of Rosewater and it went quick! Even added extra and that went quick too! So excited more giveaways to come! Who doesn’t love free stuff! We do it for the Naturals

Feed Your Hair

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You are what you eat! You here it all the time on television, magazines, ect. But have you ever considered how what you eat can not only affect your body but also your hair. Whether your goal is to have long hair or just healthy hair putting the right things in your body play a factor into achieving your hair goal. Nutrients help fortify the hair follicle when you eat a balanced, varied, protein-rich diet. Foods rich in iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin ect. are foods that promote healthy hair. 

Here is a list of a few foods that contain these nutrients: 


Sweet Potatoes



Greek Yogurt ( now I see why ppl put this in their hair)



There are many other foods that have the nutrients mentioned above in them if this list of foods does not appease to you. Make sure you know what you are putting in your body.