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Air Dry vs Diffusing

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Surprised right!!!! Me too! I just knew my hair would do great with the diffused look but it caused more frizz, especially at the top. I watched loads of Youtube videos and tried different techniques I read up on or saw. I even did a video on how I diffuse my hair but guess what….. STILL FRIZZ so it didn’t get uploaded. So after missing two wash days ( I was just lazy judge all you want ) I finally washed my hair. I decided to wash and go and applied a leave in conditioner, Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare and Mielle Organics honey & ginger styling gel and went on about my day. As you can see the air dried picture ( to me) looks better than the diffused. My curls came out way more defined and they look moisturized. Also I barley touched my hair and used a hair pick to fluff it. Even though my hair comes out better air dry I’ll probably keep using the diffuser until I figure out a method with less frizz my hair takes all day to dry. 


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Today I was told that I was someone’s hair crush! That definitely made my day! But at the same time sadness came over me because I have not been keeping up with the blog! Adult life is very demanding plus I’ve had some real hair laziness over here. I go through that a lot when I’m ready for a hair change… Hence the me going back to red hair…. I’ll try a different color one day but red just look so good on me *flips hair*


Now that I have color I have to overcome this laziness because E don’t like damaged hair. I’ve changed up my products, which I actually use less of now. I’ve been sticking to the basics leave in, oil, and using hair butter mostly on the colored hair it needs it the most. I’ll be doing more styling, which means new videos! Yay! Stay tuned!

Good and Bad Hair

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For about two weeks I’d been working on a post about the whole texture discrimination issue. I had a very thorough write up too! If you guys read it you would think I was just angry! Lol I wasn’t I was just giving my opinion.

Welp as you can see I decided not to post it ( I know all that hard work gone ). What I wrote was simply just an opinion that may or may not rub people the wrong way. I decided that I did not want to add more fire to the fuel ( did I say that saying right).

I love how going natural has evolved over the years but I don’t like how it seems to be a popularity contest. Does it really matter whose blog gets the most likes and subscribers?!?! ( a snippet from the write up I didn’t post). Everyone brings there own character and energy in their videos.

I lust over my own hair. Of course you all have beautiful hair too but I love my own just a little more! As I always say your hair is YOUR hair! So what’s all the fuss about?!?!

Weave, wigs, and all of that

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While this is a blog about promoting natural hair I wanted to speak on things that are not natural. If you read in the bio (Erin’s Story) I will be coming up on 9 yrs of being natural in August! Go me! Lol

In my almost 9 year journey I’ve learned that you can’t go off of what everyone else does or says. Yes, I take and give lots of advice but I always like to experiment for myself. What may work for your hair may not work for mine but I’ll try it. Just because we have different hair textures doesn’t mean your techniques won’t work with my hair but I’ll try it.

I’ve done just about anything you can name with my hair except a sew-in ( I will be trying it sooner or later though). I’ve had my share of heat damage, breakage, split ends. But being natural is all about trial and error with your hair being the consequence.

I’m saying all this to say that there is nothing wrong with wearing weave, wigs, braids or even straightening your hair. As long as you are aware of the consequences and are prepared to deal with it. Being natural has advanced so much from when some of us started so there should be no worries!

HAIR TRUTH’S Episode 2: The Lazies

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Just Keep Growing

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It just breaks my heart to read on the blog feeds about people being frustrated with their hair to the point where they want to give up. 😩

Don’t do it! I promise you ladies that just like you it was hard for us naturals that have been natural for awhile too.

I started out back in 2005 with no resources. Like I was using men’s products ( yeah I know smh).

I’ve BC’d twice, had straight hair, color, damage everything you can think of, my hair has probably gone through it but I’m saying this to say Don’t give up! Trust me WE ALL go through it!

The Truth About Natural Hair

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As I was at work browsing the blog feed on WordPress I came across a video a young lady made about the negatives of being natural. Anything you do has it’s pros and cons, even being natural. But making a video about discouraging people to not have healthy hair just didn’t sit to well with me.

Now there is nothing wrong with relaxers I have my days where my hair frustrates me and I have to go to the store and stand in front of a few relaxer boxes to remind my hair I can go back anytime to get some act right out if it!!!!! Lol.

Most of the videos, blogs and pictures you see make it seem so easy. But being natural takes work and patience. Believe me I don’t have a smile on my face standing in the mirror doing twist outs or Bantu knots giving my arms a break every now and then because it’s so much hair most times I just want to go to bed!

Transitioning for some is the hardest because you have to figure out your hair type, what your hair likes and how to keep it moisturized, avoid breakage, shedding, split ends, no growth, hair pH and reading the labels on hair products to make sure you aren’t putting anything damaging in your hair. (This also applies to people who’ve been natural for awhile as well). Face it ladies your hair is a science experiment and you’re just going through the scientific method trying to figure out what is what and how to.

Seems like a lot right! Don’t fret that’s why there are blogs and YouTube videos of people who have already gone through most of these stages to help you get through it….. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy and having healthy hair is worth it.