Naturelle Grow Final Review

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Today I was told that I was someone’s hair crush! That definitely made my day! But at the same time sadness came over me because I have not been keeping up with the blog! Adult life is very demanding plus I’ve had some real hair laziness over here. I go through that a lot when I’m ready for a hair change… Hence the me going back to red hair…. I’ll try a different color one day but red just look so good on me *flips hair*


Now that I have color I have to overcome this laziness because E don’t like damaged hair. I’ve changed up my products, which I actually use less of now. I’ve been sticking to the basics leave in, oil, and using hair butter mostly on the colored hair it needs it the most. I’ll be doing more styling, which means new videos! Yay! Stay tuned!

Good and Bad Hair

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For about two weeks I’d been working on a post about the whole texture discrimination issue. I had a very thorough write up too! If you guys read it you would think I was just angry! Lol I wasn’t I was just giving my opinion.

Welp as you can see I decided not to post it ( I know all that hard work gone ). What I wrote was simply just an opinion that may or may not rub people the wrong way. I decided that I did not want to add more fire to the fuel ( did I say that saying right).

I love how going natural has evolved over the years but I don’t like how it seems to be a popularity contest. Does it really matter whose blog gets the most likes and subscribers?!?! ( a snippet from the write up I didn’t post). Everyone brings there own character and energy in their videos.

I lust over my own hair. Of course you all have beautiful hair too but I love my own just a little more! As I always say your hair is YOUR hair! So what’s all the fuss about?!?!

Naturellegrow Deep Conditioner Review

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Since we started the 30 day hair challenge. I’ve been using the Mango Coconut water Infused Deep Conditioner weekly.

I can feel myself ready for a hair change (another color) so I wanted to get in the habit of deep conditioning weekly instead of bi-weekly.

So far I love the smell of the product lol and I love how soft it makes my hair feel after I’ve let it sit for about 30 mins. I don’t sit under the dryer I place a cap over my head and a towel for the heat and busy myself until it’s time to wash the conditioner out.


Doing weekly deep conditioning I’ve noticed that my hair looks shiny and again feels softer. I like to detangle my hair when I apply the deep conditioner and I’ve found that it makes my hair manageable when doing so.

I really like the look of my hair after it’s air dryed ( of course I add in my fav leave in and oil combo)



Weave, wigs, and all of that

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While this is a blog about promoting natural hair I wanted to speak on things that are not natural. If you read in the bio (Erin’s Story) I will be coming up on 9 yrs of being natural in August! Go me! Lol

In my almost 9 year journey I’ve learned that you can’t go off of what everyone else does or says. Yes, I take and give lots of advice but I always like to experiment for myself. What may work for your hair may not work for mine but I’ll try it. Just because we have different hair textures doesn’t mean your techniques won’t work with my hair but I’ll try it.

I’ve done just about anything you can name with my hair except a sew-in ( I will be trying it sooner or later though). I’ve had my share of heat damage, breakage, split ends. But being natural is all about trial and error with your hair being the consequence.

I’m saying all this to say that there is nothing wrong with wearing weave, wigs, braids or even straightening your hair. As long as you are aware of the consequences and are prepared to deal with it. Being natural has advanced so much from when some of us started so there should be no worries!

HAIR TRUTH’S Episode 2: The Lazies

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Affordable spots to buy hair products

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Hair products can be very pricey if you don’t know where to look. Some spots have sales, others just sale the product cheaper than the other place. Here are a few places that are pretty decent when it comes to buying products.

Walgreens : I frequent here a lot and pretty much every time I’m in there someone’s brand is on sale

Home: you can find a lot of products around your home to make DIY products especially oils. Those oils that you cook with ( i.e. Olive Oil ) can be used in your hair.

Your local Grocery Store: in order to buy those natural oils for your hair you can get them from your local grocery store.

The World Wide Web: certain sites like which is a really cute site for hair accessories only this site doesn’t sell hair products. Other sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are great for products especially if your looking for your fav product at a cheaper price.

The Flea Market: if you like raw Shea butter this is the best place to find it the majority of the venders sell it and you can compares prices or get it cheaper by bargaining. I do it all the time!

Target: just like Walgreens and other pharmacy stores has a wide variety of natural hair products.

Whole Foods: these stores are great for buying natural hair products especially when you want to make you own.