Naturellegrow Deep Conditioner Review

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Since we started the 30 day hair challenge. I’ve been using the Mango Coconut water Infused Deep Conditioner weekly.

I can feel myself ready for a hair change (another color) so I wanted to get in the habit of deep conditioning weekly instead of bi-weekly.

So far I love the smell of the product lol and I love how soft it makes my hair feel after I’ve let it sit for about 30 mins. I don’t sit under the dryer I place a cap over my head and a towel for the heat and busy myself until it’s time to wash the conditioner out.


Doing weekly deep conditioning I’ve noticed that my hair looks shiny and again feels softer. I like to detangle my hair when I apply the deep conditioner and I’ve found that it makes my hair manageable when doing so.

I really like the look of my hair after it’s air dryed ( of course I add in my fav leave in and oil combo)



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