Affordable spots to buy hair products

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Hair products can be very pricey if you don’t know where to look. Some spots have sales, others just sale the product cheaper than the other place. Here are a few places that are pretty decent when it comes to buying products.

Walgreens : I frequent here a lot and pretty much every time I’m in there someone’s brand is on sale

Home: you can find a lot of products around your home to make DIY products especially oils. Those oils that you cook with ( i.e. Olive Oil ) can be used in your hair.

Your local Grocery Store: in order to buy those natural oils for your hair you can get them from your local grocery store.

The World Wide Web: certain sites like which is a really cute site for hair accessories only this site doesn’t sell hair products. Other sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are great for products especially if your looking for your fav product at a cheaper price.

The Flea Market: if you like raw Shea butter this is the best place to find it the majority of the venders sell it and you can compares prices or get it cheaper by bargaining. I do it all the time!

Target: just like Walgreens and other pharmacy stores has a wide variety of natural hair products.

Whole Foods: these stores are great for buying natural hair products especially when you want to make you own.

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