Meet Shareka

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Well I decided to go natural about seven months ago. I was tired of spending money on perms weaves and wigs. I was one of the types of women that spent 400 bucks or more on a good sew in and virgin hair! I always got compliments don’t get me wrong… But it was too much hassle and way too much money! After a lot of contemplating and YouTube I decided I wanted to make a drastic change. So I went for the big chop. Much to my bf’s dismay lol. And I’ve never looked back since! I looked for my hair type and saw mahogany curls and followed how to care for my curls, and I’ve loved every single curl ever since. I learned to love myself for who I was through embracing my own natural hair. I looked online and learned how to do my own protective style with Marley twists. I love the variations of hair styles I can do with my hair. I still haven’t put heat on it maybe when I do my length check in a year I will. But I love it and surprisingly enough my bf loves it and loves everything about my hair. I def have no regrets especially now that I only spend 30 bucks a month on my hair ;-). Def not looking back

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