Finger Detangling

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Finger detangling is a technique for length retention. You can do it on damp, dry or wet hair. There is no wrong or right way to finger detangle. As long as you’re handling your hair gently and not pulling or snagging causing stress.


I usually do my finger detangling on wet hair in the shower during wash day after I apply my conditioner. I prefer to detangle on wet hair because it’s quicker and convenient. However I do like to dry detangle when I have the time because it gives me that big hair look I like but it’s so time consuming that I rarely do it.



There is no specific method to finger detangling everyone, unless you saw it on YouTube or a blog, has their own way of doing it. When I dry detangle I use my ORS grapeseed/almond oil to detangle and I detangle in smaller sections. When I wet detangle my hair is drenched with conditioner and I detangle in bigger sections

Finger detangling has it’s pros and cons and some people perceive it differently. Finger detangling is also know to lessen hair breakage that you would get if using a comb. So if you haven’t tried it yet do so and share your results!

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