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My name is Morgan (Morgan_Tyler_) , I am currently natural and have been without a perm since about age 16 but I decided to go completely heat free in November of 2012. Being that I was natural but was straightening my hair every two weeks I had a massive amount of heat damage. My first thought was not to do the big chop but just to let it grow out and keep training it by doing protein treatments to make those horrible heat damaged pieces revert and look like the rest of the curls on my head. I wanted to keep my bra strap length hair!! Clearly, I was in denial because those pieces were dead and never coming back. For about 6 Months I did twist outs, wash and go’s, and protective styles hoping that I would not have to cut my hair. After seeing change but still having those pieces ruin the whole look of my hair I got fed up , Washed my hair and cut any straight pieces I saw off!. Big NO NO!!! Rule of thumb never cut your own hair if you do not know what you are doing!! This was me, granted my curls and wash and gos looked so much better because I did not have those awful stringy pieces at the end of my curls but when I tried to straighten it one day it was noticeably uneven. Finally, after lots of procrastination and trying to hold on to the length I had, I went to the hair salon and had an awesome cut done. I love my cut and I now go back and forth from curly to straight. One thing I can say is that if you are going curly and you have heat damage DO NOT prolong the the cut. If I would have done my cut when I first started I would probably be closer to my hair goal. Lastly embrace YOUR curls and BE PATIENT!!! (Something I struggle with) Everyone has a different texture and pattern so learn what works best for you and rock it !!!

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