Why So Sensitive

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Does your hair feel brittle, dry or even fried when you use certain types of shampoos, conditioners or products? When you wash your hair and about 2 minutes after you’ve stepped out the shower it feels as if all the moisture has left your hair? Is it dull almost even straw like when certain products are applied? If you answered yes to these questions then your hair is probably protein sensitive. Through many trials and mostly errors I recently discovered that I have protein sensitive hair. You probably have an issue with retaining moisture in your hair also. God knows I do! But don’t fret!!! There are ways to get around/ correct this issue.

Protein and Hair

People who are protein sensitive contain enough or maybe even higher levels of protein in their hair and don’t need any more than they already have. Because hair is made up of keratin, courser hair tends to contain an abundant amount of protein while finer hair tends to contain or possess less amounts of protein. Through chemical, thermal or mechanical damage meaning processing, heat or everyday styling, protein can be lost, thus the need to add products containing proteins to hair. Protein in hair is supposed to attach itself to the hair’s surface forming a layer to help retain moisture like humectants. This layer will smooth the hair cuticle making it appear shinier, but for us PS (Protein Sensitive) folk our hair makes enough protein; therefore, adding more only results in dry, flaky brittle straw like hair. GROSS!!!


As stated earlier this is a trial and error journey in discovering your protein sensitivity. Products that affect some may affect other differently. In my personal journey in discovery protein sensitivity I’ve learned that my hair can tolerate some products containing proteins more than others. Products such as Giovanni’s Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Eco Styler Gel, my hair does not like!!! But products like Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, kinky Curly Knot today and Cantu Shea Butter ( all containing protein or contain traces of protein) my hair seems to not like but love!!! Naturally mixed ingredients such as mayo, eggs, avocado, yogurt and coconut oil don’t mix well with my hair. So if you are a DIY(er) and feel you may be protein sensitive, try to avoid these ingredients.

I wish you well on your journeys……

Live, Love and Enjoy your hair


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