Don’t Touch

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I have the absolute worst habit of touching my hair. I don’t know why I cant keep my hands off it knowing what it does to my hair!!!! I get obsessed with pulling at kinky knots or because I’m sitting doing nothing bored. Sometimes I am doing something and still end up touching my hair. I know I know I should know better but let me give you a few reasons why touching your hair too much is a bad thing so you won’t make the same mistake I do!

  • Pulling at your hair can cause breakage
  • Too much touching can cause Frizz
  • Dries your hair out.
  • Dirt and oil from your fingers get into your hair and your scalp secretes more oil than it already does.

Ever heard of the Hand-in-Hair syndrome, welp that’s what you have if you touch your hair a lot like me. So DON’T TOUCH!!!!!!!!

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